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The Oliver White Group
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Today we are looking at The Oliver White Group #Owgside2 EP

A five-song EP that is so great you need to listen at least once to the diverse mixture of R&B that The Oliver White Group plays on this EP. Without further ado here we go. The first track “Looking four my Baby” is a very upbeat Texas-style blues song with a great soul all it’s own. I am sure this one is a great one to see live. Things slow up a bit with the second track; “I Wanna Love You,” the backup vocals in the chorus are the perfect accent to Oliver’s voice. A great love song with The Oliver White Group touch brings it home. The third track “St John” is a remarkable story song about learning how to find gratitude. Very upbeat tempo another, I am sure, is awesome live, as well. The fourth-track “Leeper Lake” is a little more rocking sound and a great story. The lead in this song is done with such style and grace it was more like another vocal track instead of a guitar. The fifth track “She’s With Me” has a groovy R&B feel. You can tell the roots of R&B influence on this track and again a blazing lead guitar that blends perfectly into the tune.

So five songs that are great songs and show the diverse mixture of R&B this group shares. Plus when Oliver does let go and play lead guitar, it’s almost magic to be able to feel the notes as well as hear them. Overall I say it’s an excellent EP and I can’t wait to hear more from these North Texas musicians. They also play live all over and very frequently so you might want to get down and see them live. Here is there facebook to find out when you can see them play.

And here are the #Owgside2 EP credits:

Oliver White-Guitars, vocals, mandolin, percussion and trumpet

Orris Polk-Bass Guitar

Jayson Starkey-Keyboards, Steel Guitar and horn arrangment

John Breedlove-Drums

Produced by Shawn Fussell & Oliver White



Review Written by Lee Robertz