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Texas Hippie Coalition Dark Side of Black
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

From the first track, this album is a hard rocking album with some excellent guitar riffs throughout the entire CD. Big Dad Ritch’s vocal tracks are a fantastic addition to the musical compilation of this incredible Texas band which includes Cord Pool & Nevada Romo on Guitar with Timmy Braun on Drums.
I am only halfway through, and I think I am getting whiplash. Each track is a headbanging ride into another world if only just for a moment. The title track Dark Side is a remarkable musical arrangement with a lead as smooth as a shot of good whiskey.
I wish this band were together when I was a kid because I would have been in the pit moshing. The song Rise makes me want to run across the stage and drive onto the crowd. And once again a lead that breaks through like a light in the night shining the light on everything.
Hit it again is a 7-minute song starting with the sound of rain and a smooth acoustic guitar riff and blasts into another headbanging song that rocks best when turned up loud.
Gods Are Angry is an awesome song to end this full speed 100 mph album of rock and roll. The lead tracks brighten up the track as if they were magic.
Overall thank you guys for a great evening of Rock and Roll with rocking riffs wickedly howling vocals.

Review by Lee Robertz