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roger prater
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

This singer-songwriter is pouring his heartache all over the first song. She don’t love me anymore is a perfect heartbreak song. The second track “Just a man” is another view into this songwriters talent. Nice mellow tune with a beautiful message for life.
The third track “Outskirts of town” is a great piece of Americana telling a story of what it means to live on the outskirts of town. The fourth track “Just like Angel” is another excellent melody and harmony progression into another world. The fifth track “Already Gone” is another kicking song about life on the road. The lead guitar track blazes out and sounds as melodic as the melody. The Sixth track “One More Highway” is an upbeat number with a significant lead to start it off. Excellent Americana song about the life of people we all know. I bet it would be a good dancing song live.
The seventh track “Bang Bang” is another piece of this songwriters heart with great melodies and harmonies. Again I bet this would be a great live one to see. The eighth track “44 Time” is a view into the heartache of a life in general. The lead guitar track blends in perfectly with the vocals and the melodies and harmony of the tune. Awesome song. The ninth track “Favorite Son” is a great song to end the album with the very break it done to basics singer-songwriters style. Even with just guitar and vocals, this song is so full of melody and harmony.
I had a great time reviewing this album, and I look forward to more from this very talented Texas Artist.

Reviewed By Lee Robertz


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