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Blue October
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Blue October’s ninth album ‘I Hope You’re Happy’ is a strong album generally upbeat sounds in the music which is mostly a mixture of rock and roll, dance, other 80′s influences, true indie, pop and more.

The title track and “How To Dance In Time” are the album’s lead songs, also have awesome uplifting melodies and emotive lyrics. Blue October have the knack of recording profoundly personal music that can connect to a broader audience.

The upbeat tune comes through on ‘Let Forever Mean Forever,’ while the first song ‘Daylight’ adds in beats, effects – reminiscent of Imagine Dragons. The rhythm section of drummer Jeremy Furstenfeld and bassist Matt Noveskey keep the beat tight, modern and tasty.

Fans of the band’s earlier albums will surely be overly taken by the dance/pop of ’I Want To Come Back Home,’ however, the band always evolve on each album, and that is part of the attraction to them. ‘Colours Collide’ is the most aggressive song, Justin upping the power in his singing, the one song that heed back to the band’s early sound.

The thing that gives Blue October that extra above other bands is not just Justin Furstenfeld’s vocals and songs, yet the addition of the violin and soundscapes created by Ryan Delahoussaye. Just look at ‘Further Dive (The House That Dylan Built)’ where the violin and strings arrangement creates a beautiful ambiance.
Once again a great evening listening to an awesome album, this band has come a long way since first heard them and I can’t wait to see was is next.


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