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Corrosion of Conformity
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


Corrosion Of Conformity – No Cross No Crown

The first song “Nous Deus” has a Black Sabbath feel to it for being a short song. The second track “Sacred Isolation” is another short but sweet song with an ominous sound. Track 3 “Old Disaster” stars with a kick and doesn’t disappoint throughout. The vocal tracks are a great mix with the melodies and harmonies. The lead guitar rips into the tune like a knife through hot butter. The fourth Track “E.L.M.” has an awesome guitar riff that starts this song, and once again the vocals stand up to the strength of the metal licks. The lead guitar jumps in and out of this tune accenting awesomely. The fifth track “No Cross No Crown” is the title track is an eerie song with awesome guitar riffs and vocal tracks. The sixth track “A Quest To Believe” is the sound of the Corrosion Of Conformity I knew as a kid in the late 80’s. This song has a full sound with great guitar riffs and vocal tracks. The lead guitar sounds like it slides in from a cloud. This a tune I’d love to see live. The seventh track “Son And Daughter” total metal tune from beginning to end. The guitar riffs again blaze through the tune. The vocal track is just as strong as the guitar riffs and lead, awesome metal tune. The eighth track “The Luddite” hold on tight this sounds like a great mosh pit song. Once again great guitar and vocal melodies are the stars of this tune. Warning you might get this one stuck in your head and be sure to duck when the lead guitar kicks in. The ninth track “Cast The First Stone” another great metal tune that makes this band so awesome. It has deep rhythm guitar riffs with lightning lead guitar tracks. And the vocals are right on the mark for this song. The tenth track “No Cross” here we have more eerie guitar instrumental with wicked licks. The eleventh track “Wolf Named Crow” is such a powerful song I can’t believe it’s not getting radio play. This a great tune from the rhythm guitars, vocals, and the lead guitars bring it home with that extreme precision. The twelfth track “Little Man” starts with a wicked riff and explodes into a metal madness of Corrosion Of Conformity perfection. The vocals are just as strong as the guitars and the lead guitars. The thirteenth track “Matre’s Diem” is a beautiful acoustic guitar instrumental which shows the eclecticism of the band. The fourteenth track “Forgive Me” back to the metal riffs and vocal madness that make this band the great band they are. The lead guitar slide in like lightning when you least expect it. Another Great metal tune to add to their collection. Another one I would love to see live and the final fifteenth track “Nothing Left To Say” starting with a mellow guitar and vocals to agree, and then they change it up to a metal song in the blink of an eye. Then we go back in and out of metal and mellow, I love the tempo changes, and vocal tracks are spot on, as well as the lead guitar track. Wow, what a great evening it was sitting down and listening to this album. It will definitely be in my playlist.  Here is how to find them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/corrosionofconformity/


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