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Vo Rider White Cloud
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Vo Rider _ White Cloud

Our first song on this evenings review is titled “Time’s Up”  which is a nice instrumental song with a smooth lead track and a calming tune. It has very cool breaks and bridges that give it that something special.  “Skeptical” is the second track and we fall into a strangely beautiful spectacle for the beginning. Vo shows off a lot more of his technical skills on any instrument but especially the guitar with this tune. “Strange things” is the next song little more upbeat number with a rap in the track that is unique yet once again the skills of the lead guitar overshadow the song with of awesome melodies, and harmony’s among all the other instruments, too cool. “Blue Summer” is our next adventure into the awesome technical skills of Vo Rider. it starts with an awesome lead guitar track along with the melodies and harmonies of the bass and drums to make this a perfect summer song. ” Might Be Me” is the next song on this awesome adventure into the White Cloud Album. This song rocks not only with the catchy guitar rhythm track but the lead is paving the way for the song to progress. The lead is amazing on the bridge. This is a song that should have been on the radio. “Vo Bop” is our next track which has, and hip-hop beat with some wicked lead tracks before some vocals and all the way throughout the entire tune. It’s almost like a dream song or mediation song.  The next tune on our list is “Makin’ It Work” which a cool little mellow tune again with a strong rhythm section on drums and bass and then the lead comes in smooth as a nice shot of your preferred beverage.  A nice tune to relax with at the of the day or use to get you going in the middle of the day. Now our title track ” White Cloud” a hip-hop- adult contemporary songs that is soothing melodies are great.  Once again the lead guitar tracks are the icing on the cake of this wonderful tune. “VOS” is the next song on our trip it begins with some slide guitar and is another A/C instrumental that should have had radio play. Very nice piece of music. Next in our adventure is “Smooth Sailing” an awesome mellow song with accents of guitar leads that has a feel all its own and speaks wonders without words.  Our next tune is “Lookin Again” short song that showcases some of the talents this guitar player has under his belt. The wicked leads make this tune awesome. The song of our evening is “Shoobin”  great R&B tune with some excellent, great bass tracks as well as guitar and drums. The rap is an excellent addition to this hip-hop/guitar tune. The lead guitar tracks are outstanding on this track as well as all the tracks I’ve listened to this evening. And once again I had a great evening listening to local music from such great artist as Vo Rider. I can’t wait for the next album to drop so I can review it.

Lee Robertz


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