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5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

We are reviewing the newest Judas Priest Album Firepower.
From the first track to the last this album screams Judas Priest, so let’s get started, the first track Firepower is a powerful metal song beginning with an awesome guitar riff. Rob Halford’s vocals have never sounded better. Great double bass drums before the guitar solo rips away into the night. The second track Lighting Strike again is a metal guitar song. The metal gods are alive and well this song shows the strength of the songwriting skills of the entire group. The third track Evil Never Dies another song showing the metal masters at work the guitar and drum work in this tune rocks. The vocal range Rob has after all these years is impressive. The fourth track Never the heroes is one that should be on every rock station left in the country. The fifth track Necromancer is another superbly done metal song with mystic lyrics and guitar leads that ring the bell. The sixth track Children of the sun is a slower paced rock riff that still makes you want to bang your head. Once again the lead guitars shine like a bright light in the darkness.
The seventh track Guardians starts with a beautiful instrumental piano piece and the lead guitars lead from the second verse to the explosion at the end. The eighth track Rising from the ruins rocks out from beginning to end with melodies in the vocals and the lead guitars make this song a rocking tune. The ninth Track Flamethrower starts with a guitar riff and explodes into an initially sounding Judas Priest tune for 2018. The tenth track Spectre is one of the vocal songs that the guitars, bass and drums just accent the vocal strength. Then once again the lead guitars light up the room. The eleventh track Traitors Gate starts with a mellow guitar riff and again explodes into and full sounding metal tune. The melodies and double bass drums add something exciting to this song and let’s not forget the lead guitars that stuck again like lightning. The twelfth track No Surrender is a rally cry for all rockers and metalheads. Keeping it real in the metal music genre. The thirteenth track Lone Wolf has a mystic start and grinds into wicked metal guitar and vocal song. If you ever felt like a lone wolf, this is your song, and the final fourteenth track Sea of Red starts with a beautiful acoustic guitar piece and an acoustic lead which is great to hear. Then the voice of Rob lights up this acoustic piece with his great vocal range. About halfway through the acoustic piece become an awesome metal guitar song to end this incredible album. It’s very few times in life you can find those albums that you can listen to every song and not have to skip a song, and this is one of those. Let’s not forget Glenn Tipton’s and his battle with Parkinson’s disease. He was diagnosed over a decade ago, Tipton has marched forward , but the announcement has come that as of this year that he is retired from touring with JUDAS PRIEST. While Tipton remains optimistic about an occasional cameo on the road, it lights up the stage when he gets a chance to. Not only a great evening of awesome metal tunes but should make the album of the year in my opinion.


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