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5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Today we are reviewing the self-titled album “Nukinda Whales.”
The first track “Alot of Jaam” is a nice relaxing acoustic instrumental with smooth lead guitar tracks that bring the song to life. If you close your eyes, you can let this tune take you on a special trip around the world. This track is a very relaxing song I could listen to all day long. The second track is “Wake up in the clouds” another acoustic instrumental with a deep, peaceful feeling to it. The guitar tracks both rhythm and lead are an awesome blend, and overall this is an awesome song. It brings you up to the clouds in its mystical journey to wake up joyfully. The third track is “Fourth Door” is a wonderful acoustic instrumental that has a voice all its own. This song has a special flow that resonates throughout the entire song. The percussion section is great on this track as well, and it adds a flavor to the tune. The fourth track is “For the Ocean” starts with a lead and rhythm guitars in unison and flows into an awesome song that is easy to listen to and hard to stop. This track is one I would think should be on the radio, and the fifth and final track is “Take a Look ” it has a different feel than the rest of the album. It is an excellent acoustic instrumental with a mid-tempo speed, and if you don’t watch it, you will be tapping your toes to this tune. Overall after listening to the entire album, I am very impressed by the musicianship of each track, The guitar work is impressive on all the tracks, as well as the percussion and there particular way of blending music and emotion without words. I like it a lot!


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