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Haley Harkin

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Tonight we are going take a listen to Haley Harkin’s new album Rooted so let’s get started. The first track is Easy, this a very and basic guitar and a vocal song about heartbreak with some type of love. Just the beautiful cut of guitar and vocals that remind me of folk songs. The second track is Fertilizer is an upbeat tune with a unique feel to it. A lovely song about being yourself with great melodies and harmony that will have you tapping your feet. The third track is Above and Below this a touching track that highlights the uniqueness of Haley’s voice and her lyrics. This is a nice mellow tune that adds to the album’s uniqueness. Track four is True Colors is an excellent style of folk and reggae and once again rocks out. This one will speed you up and slow you down a little. The bongo sets it off, cool tune! Track five is Beautiful Bird is a lovely song full of harmonies and melodies. Again a toe-tapper the shaker and tapping on the guitar for rhythm make this not only impressing but pleasant to listen to. Track six is Made of Love, a great American folk song with a beautiful flute piece added. I could see this song on the radio it is a great song!
Track seven is Shining Star is an excellent mixture of guitar and Haley’s voice coming together in an awesome tune. The lyrical content of the entire album is fantastic as well. Track eight is Elemental is a swinging little number that feels like I am sitting in front of Haley playing. This is a great tune that showcases the exact way Haley puts the harmony and melody together in such a great way, again, lovely song. Track nine is Ignite another impressive offering to theme and balance with a great percussion section adding a new dimension. The lyrics are still a great way to bring the song together in such a calming way. Track ten Wherever You Are is another folk song with just guitar and vocals. I have to say it is nice to hear beautiful clean guitar and vocal songs in a world of auto-tune. You can tell Haley has no part of it it just her pure vocals pouring her heart out. Track eleven is Mountain Song nice catchy tune that again sounds like one I would expect to hear on the radio. The percussion sets this song apart from the rest adding a great rhythm, and our twelfth and final track is Life is but a Dream, and we end with a great song with everything you want in a song, Great harmony, and melody. This was a beautiful song to complete our review, and as you can see what we think. Haley Harkin has an excellent new album out ROOTED. What do you think?


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